My Summer Car




My Summer Car captures the essence of Finnish countryside life in the 1990s, offering players an unprecedented blend of car building and survival simulation. In this game, you are tasked with assembling your car from the ground up, starting from the engine to the body, while also managing your character’s basic needs such as hunger, thirst, and sleep. Set against the backdrop of a vividly detailed open world, the game challenges players to navigate the complexities of vehicle maintenance and personal survival, all while exploring the rustic settings and engaging with quirky NPCs. It’s a unique experience that combines mechanics, strategy, and a touch of humor to simulate a memorable summer of automotive adventure.

How to Play

Playing My Summer Car involves a mix of mechanical knowledge, strategy, and day-to-day survival skills. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

Assembling the Car: Begin by building your car using various parts found around your garage. This includes everything from the engine components to the bodywork.
Maintaining Your Needs: Keep an eye on your character’s hunger, thirst, fatigue, and cleanliness levels to ensure they stay healthy and alive.
Driving and Exploration: Once your car is up and running, explore the vast open world. Be cautious of fuel levels, mechanical wear and tear, and the law.
Earning Money: Perform jobs or sell kilju (homemade sugar wine) to earn money for car parts, food, and other essentials.
Interacting with NPCs: Engage with the game’s unique characters for additional tasks, races, and storyline progression.

Controls vary from driving to general interaction, with keybindings for vehicle operation, inventory management, and player movement. Each action, from turning a wrench to consuming food, is mapped to specific keys, offering a realistic simulation experience.

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