Amanda the Adventurer Full Game




Have you ever been in the situation that some book or a movie seems very familiar to you but you cannot recollect them in detail? This is what happened to the main character of this short horror game. So what is this story about? You play for a hero who searches for something in his attic and occasionally comes across some old VHS tapes. At first you ignore these, but your curiosity is stronger. So you see it is an old TV show you watched when you were a child. It is about Amanda. You have only vague memories of that adventurous series, and no matter how you struggle, you fail to recollect more details. But why not watch it again? It seems it is going to be fun!

A little about the plot

The story starts with no surprises. You see a girl who is very active and never misses chance to have fun. Her name is Amanda. And she is not the only personage here. The girl is accompanied by a strange companion. It is Wooly, a sheep that is always afraid of everything. They both look fun and friendly, but it is better not to rush with conclusions. You will have to watch three episodes where you will see the heroes in different situations. In most cases, these are routine scenes from everyday life. But some small nuances in Amanda’s behavior may make you feel confused and puzzled. Is she really a positive personage? Or does she just pretend to be so good?

One moment the story gets dark!

It is not possible to tell when the main heroine transforms from protagonist into antagonist. But if you are attentive enough you will notice already in the first episode that she cares only about herself. Just note how she will react to her friend’s allergy. The further you go through the plot, the more alarming is her behavior. Amanda forces you to make only those decisions that will match her plans. Her reactions become cruel, and one moment she is even ready to kill her best friend. But the real horror will unveil in the third episode, in which the player himself risks to become her victim!

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