The Baby In Yellow




This horror game starts as a very routine story. Your main character is a babysitter who needs to spend several days in a big mansion. The task seems more than simple – you just need to look after a little baby. This personage wears a bright yellow suit and does not differ from any other kid in the world. So why not use such a perfect chance to earn some money? The same day you move into a house to spend five days here. But very soon, a simple job will turn into a real nightmare.

Don’t let your eyes off the baby!

At first, everything goes excellent. You just need to perform endless everyday tasks – prepare milk to feed the baby, check his diapers and change them when needed, and clean everything around. You also need to devote enough time to your ward and control that he has enough rest and sleep. But very soon, you will start noticing something strange around. At first, these will be seemingly minor things – you will not be able to find some objects when you are sure you put them in places. What’s going on? You tried to explain everything by your tiredness. But these weird things keep repeating. Suddenly, the baby disappears! How could it happen if you kept an eye on him! You urgently need to find the baby before he injures himself. But not you realize that you were not occasionally embarrassed by the strange atmosphere.

Make sure you disclose all the secrets

The mansion is very gloomy and consists of many scary rooms. However, you have no other choice but to explore them all. Be very careful – the place not only looks ominous, but there are also many obstacles and even traps around. You will have to solve lots of puzzles and quests to understand what this family hides. Are you keen on revealing all the secrets? You will have to risk your life to dig out the truth about the baby and the mansion. But we bet you will not be able to give up until you sort it out! Enjoy this thrilling adventure!

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