Amanda the Adventurer 2




Some stories for kids may not be so innocent as they look to us at first glance. Sometimes, we ignore obvious signs and warnings until it is too late. Amanda the Adventure is a good example how a good story may turn dark in an instant. Do you want to know more about it? Then let’s start on a thrilling adventure together! One day, the hero of this online game is wandering around his attic and finds a few old VHS tapes. It is an old TV show from the childhood. It is terribly familiar but still, you cannot recollect any details. So you decide to stop for a minute to refresh your memory and watch it again!

About main characters

The story is about a cute girl named Amanda. She is active and mischievous and never stays in one place for too long. The heroine is always accompanied by a friend. It is a sheep named Wooly, but this character is very shy and is scared of everything around. At the same time, they seem to be good friends and never miss a chance to embark on a new adventure. So let’s see what they are busy is in three tapes you have found. At first, you may even be disappointed as you will see them doing lots of routine things. In the first episode, they will go to get some apples for an apple pie. In the second chapter, Amanda needs to visit the butcher and collect some meat. Nothing seems wrong, and only the smartest players will notice the heroine behaving strangely at some moments. Does it mean the she is not so kind hearted as she ties to look? Let’s see the third episode to find out the truth.

Is Amanda a good personage?

When you start playing the third tape, everything changes rather abruptly. You will no longer see colorful environment. Everything is dark and gloomy now! What is going on? Now, the atmosphere is really sinister. And you do not see Wooly any longer. Where has this funny sheep disappeared? You immediately recollect, that this character was trying to warn you of something important in the previous episode. You have creepy thoughts spinning in your head. When you see Amanda, you admit that the girl somewhat changed too – she is no longer a carefree smiling personage. Her eyes are strangely glowing and she seems to be quite ominous! What did she do with Wooly? In a minute, you will see that she is inviting you to enter the house that reminds you of your own! You feel goosebumps down your back. And you inner voice tells you that now your life is in danger! Will you remain alive after all?

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