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Amanda The Adventure Game Play Online

You never know what you will find on the attic. The hero of this story is bored and decides to check what is stored on the attic and comes across some old VHS tapes. All of them are signed and you realize this is an old TV show for kids about Amanda that you watched when you were a kid. What was that about? No matter how hard you try, you cannot recollect the details of the plot or its characters. So you are tempted by the desire to return to your carefree years and refresh this fabulous show in your head. But you have not the slightest idea that even the story from your childhood may unexpectedly turn dark!

What is it all about?

The main characters of that TV show are Amanda, a girl who cannot live without adventures, and her companion Wooly, a sheep that is scared of everything and everyone. They love to have fun together, and it seems they are also good friends. Or is it only illusions that the personages are trying to create? You will accompany the heroes on the seemingly routine situation from the real life. And if Amanda is joyous and well-natures in the first episode, some nuances are still alarming. Is she so reliable and trustworthy as she pretends to look? If you are a fan of horror stories, you know well that the monster can live inside the kindest characters. So you never know when this unexpected twist will happen. But already in the first episode you will notice that the main heroine does not care much about her friend when he complains about the apple allergy. In the second episode, you may pay attention to strange behavior of Wooly who is trying to warn you about something.

Make sure to play all the tapes!

You will have to watch three tapes about Amanda’s adventures. You may have already noticed that the character will ask you questions from time to time. And she will never accept the answer that does not match her expectations. If you fail to type the expected response, she will get mad. But wait until you reach the third episode. This is the moment when the whole story becomes really creepy! You will find yourself in a dark environment. It dimly reminds you of something. And suddenly, you will realize it is your neighborhood. Besides, Amanda is now alone. Where is Wooly? It remains a secret. The girl invites you to get into a house that look exactly as your own. She looks very excited but her mood is very suspicious. Are you going to become her next victim? Join the game to reveal all these embarassing details!

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