Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach




Have you already met insane animatronics from Freddy’s pizzeria? Then you know well how dangerous these animated toys can be. In all previous chapters, you were playing for a night guard who had to stay in the pizzeria overnight and fend off terrible antagonists. The guy must spend five terrible nights in the company of evil toys and survive. But a new chapter comes with a modified plot. Are you ready to dive into a new adventure with famous animatronics?

Meet a new character

First of all, all events now unfold in a new location. It is a huge shopping center that belongs to Freddy. People love to come here for pizza and play with funny animated personages. Your main character is a little boy named Gregory. He was peacefully playing here and completely forgot about time. When Gregory was going to leave he discovered that the place closed for the night. Now he needs to wait till the morning. But this night is going to be really epic as he will meet a lot of enemies soon. Friendly toys have come to life and turned into evil monsters. These creatures will start crazy hunt as soon as they discover that someone entered their territory.

Trick all the antagonists!

There is no one around to protect Gregory. So he needs to invent something to survive till the morning. The first task is to find inconspicuous places to hide when you hear the opponents approach too close. Also, you need to invent ways to distract their attention. You can throw different objects and produce different sounds to mislead them. Luckily, you will have some useful gadgets to win some time and run away from your enemies. The task will not be easy but Freddy Fazbear will be on your side this time. So use this opportunity to escape a dangerous meeting and survive!

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