Amanda the Adventurer Update




If you are looking for a new thrilling entertainment, do not miss Amanda the Adventurer update. This is a short horror game that will leave you with a lot of questions. Of course, if you manage to survive at all. Do not be misled by this unusual entertainment – it starts in a very routine way, but the story will change to the dark very unexpectedly. So be careful!

A little about the plot

One day, you entered your attic to look for something interesting. Some old VHS tapes immediately attracted your attention. What are these records about? You see it is an old TV show for kids. You definitely watched it when you were a child! But you cannot clearly recollect the details and characters. So why not to watch it all again? So you have three tapes to watch. There are two main characters here – Amanda, an active girl who cannot live without adventures, and her friend Wooly, a shy sheep that trembles with fear whenever he sees something scary. Anyway, these two heroes seem to get along quite well, at least at first glance. But sometimes, the girl behaves strangely. At certain moments, she is too pushy and does not seem to be too kind to her friend. As a rule, the player ignores these signs until the third episode when his own life is at stake.

Do not miss updates!

You will have only three tapes in the original story. The third episode ends up in a very strange way. However, it is already clear that Amanda is no longer a positive character she was trying to pretend. So what does she hide and what are her true intentions? You will need to dig further to find out the truth – and one lost tape will help you with this task! The update introduces one more tape which was missing in the main release. What is that about? It may tell you the precious information about these mysterious heroes. Are you ready for further risk to unveil all the secrets? Then dive into this exciting adventure right now. But act very carefully as you know that there are lots of dangers around! You will definitely love this interaction with Amanda!

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