Don’t Open Your Eyes




Don’t Open Your Eyes immerses players in a unique, horror-themed visual novel experience set against the backdrop of a quiet night that quickly turns unsettling. As you lie in bed, attempting to drift into sleep, an invisible presence approaches, its intentions unclear. This entity, a shadow without form, communicates a disturbing request: it wants you to open your eyes and describe its appearance. The game weaves a narrative that balances on the thin line between reality and imagination, pushing players to decide whether to engage with this mysterious being or deny its existence. With every choice, the story unfolds, revealing more about the visitor and challenging your perceptions of fear and curiosity.

Making Choices in the Darkness

In Don’t Open Your Eyes, your decisions shape the interaction with this unseen visitor:

To Open or Not to Open: The central choice of the game, deciding whether to open your eyes, influences the direction of the narrative and your relationship with the creature.
Engage in Conversation: As you converse with the entity, you’ll have opportunities to learn about its existence, thoughts, and feelings, deepening the story’s complexity.
Define the Creature: At specific moments, you’re given the power to choose how the creature appears in your mind, with 27 possible combinations that offer new dialogue and insights with each selection.
Manage Time Wisely: The entity doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Your responses, or lack thereof, can alter the game’s tension and outcomes.

This game stands out by offering a fully-voiced, interactive narrative that pulls players into a brief yet intense psychological horror story. Lasting between 30 minutes to an hour, Don’t Open Your Eyes is a succinct experience that combines choice-driven storytelling with a haunting atmosphere, inviting players to explore the eerie boundaries of their own imagination.

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