100 Years Life Simulator




100 Years Life Simulator invites players into a virtual world where they can simulate an entire life span from birth to death. This game offers a unique blend of decision-making and strategy, allowing users to navigate through various life stages with choices that affect their character’s outcomes. From selecting a career path to building personal relationships, every decision impacts the overall journey, simulating the complexities and unexpected turns of real life.

How to Play

To navigate through 100 Years Life Simulator, follow these simple control guidelines:

Decision Making: Select options from a list of choices presented at each stage of your character’s life. These choices will determine your character’s career, social life, and overall well-being.
Career Path: Choose your profession and work your way up by making strategic decisions related to education and job opportunities.
Relationships: Engage with other characters through dialogue options, forming friendships, romantic relationships, or professional networks.
Health and Well-being: Make choices concerning your health, hobbies, and lifestyle to influence your character’s longevity and happiness.
Financial Management: Manage your finances by making decisions on spending, saving, and investing, affecting your character’s economic status and future opportunities.

Players control the game through a combination of tapping and swiping on the screen, making it accessible and straightforward to navigate the various choices and paths available in the simulator.

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